Cosmodata - "A different educational philosophy"


The season, that certain general knowledge of was enough in order to [stadiodromisei] somebody professionally, they have passed for good. Today, the swift growth of technology and her applications, they have involved enormous changes in the job market, so much from opinion of creation of new professions, as much as from the opinion of this requirement.

In our days, small and big enterprises have need from executives with knowledge specialised, with training and faculties, that will support him and him they will organise in order to they are competitive in in a european level, henceforth, extended job market.

It is therefore explicit, that today the professional re-establishment depends from the specialisation or, in order to we say him differently, a specialised graduate professional, it can find work comfortably in Europe.

However, specialisation means study, it means choice, who anything but easy thing is, because it wants mature thought, right briefing but also the suitable "schoolteacher". And the suitable "schoolteacher" for one of professional, is Cosmodata, the most modern and specialised centre of study, with the enormous experience, with the even equipment, the most excellent instructive personnel, European level training in a lot of coveted specialities.

Your registration in Cosmodata, it is the starting line of achieved professional. You will realise also you near us, that in Cosmodata a really new teacher "wind" modern, friendly, person in charge.

Educational philosophy and her objective are it offers:
• High professional training and specialisation with long-lasting education
• Each continuous training in interested with education and seminars
• Programs of study in specialisations modern and essential in the modern job market, creating worthy and completely worked out executives with possibilities of professional career in the Greek and International job market.

Education of Information technology

COSMODATA - Education of Information technology
Cental : Gr. Sakka 7, Ιoannina | Telephone: 26510 64840 & 26650 29028